Boletín Regulamin

1. Newsletter is a free publication prepared and sent electronically by Menlo Electric sp. z o. o., pl. Ireneusza Gugulskiego 1, 02-661 Warsaw ("Service Provider"), containing information about the Service Provider's offer, interesting events in the renewable energy sources industry and innovative products available on the market.

2. The Service Provider provides the Client with a free service consisting of preparing and sending a newsletter to a given e-mail address ("Service")

3. The Client may enter into a contract for the Service by:

a) selecting the newsletter option when signing up for an account at or, in the case of clients without an account, each time they place an order, or

b) selecting the newsletter option in the client panel in the store

4. The Service Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time. The Service Provider may suspend or terminate the provision of the Service after informing the clients of this fact at the e-mail addresses provided by them.

5. The Client may terminate the Service Agreement with immediate effect by:

(a) sending a statement of termination to, or

b) selecting the newsletter option in the client panel in the store

6. The Service Provider recommends using the Service on a device capable of receiving electronic mail and presenting its content in graphic mode. The Service Provider does not guarantee that any hardware and software solution adopted by the client will not allow the use of the Service.

7. The Service Provider is not liable for any kind of damage to the material and immaterial assets of the client, as well as for lost profits, which are in the normal causal relationship with the client's use of the Service.

8. The Service Provider may terminate the provision of the Service to the client who:

a) provided an e-mail address that he is not authorised to use,

b) uses the service to provide content of an unlawful nature,

c) copies, modifies, presents or makes public the content provided within the newsletter in a manner that goes beyond the limits of fair use as defined in Article 23 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights.

9. Termination of the Service for the reasons set out in the preceding paragraph does not exclude the Service Provider's right to pursue compensation claims against the client for damage caused by the client's actions.

10. Complaints about the service should be submitted to the e-mail address or by post directly to the Service Provider's address given in point 1.

11. In the complaint, the data of the person submitting the complaint shall be provided, which is necessary to send information on the result of complaint consideration, as well as a description of irregularities in the Service and expectations regarding complaint resolution.

12. The Service Provider shall consider the complaint within 30 days of receiving it.