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Cooperation with Menlo Electric gives us stability and security.

We do not have to worry about continuity in the supply of components, we know that they will be constantly available from Menlo. Menlo’s status as an official distributor is also important to us, since we have a guarantee that we are buying high-quality products. We are very pleased with the contact with their sales team, which responds to our inquiries on an ongoing basis and always helps to find the best solutions.

Rafał Dylewski, Opal Power

We recommend Menlo Electric as a very reliable and professional supplier who knows the current realities in the photovoltaic industry.

All deliveries were made on time and without problems. Our account manager showed full professionalism and a reliable approach to our company. With full confidence, we recommend Menlo Electric as a reliable partner in PV investments.

Jugopol Tabula, Resurgo Fotowoltaika

We have been cooperating with Menlo Electric for a long time.

Our account managers are true professionals and we are very pleased to cooperate with them. They are always willing to help, and offer good commercial conditions.

Piotr Jarosz, Solinstal Sp. z o.o.