SolarEdge SE-EV-KIT-15J32-1

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SolarEdge SE-EV-KIT-15J32-1 is a complete electric vehicle charging kit, offering an efficient and sustainable solution for EV users. 

Optimized operation 

  • The use of SolarEdge technology in the kit allows for intelligent energy management. The system monitors the availability of solar energy and adjusts the vehicle's charging process, maximizing the use of renewable energy and minimizing the cost of using the grid
  • The kit is fully compatible with the SolarEdge system, making it easy to integrate into an existing photovoltaic system. This means users can use solar energy to charge their vehicles, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle
  • The SolarEdge SE-EV-KIT-15J32-1 is designed for easy installation and intuitive operation. This ensures that users can quickly and efficiently enjoy the benefits of charging their vehicle using renewable energy


  • The SE-EV-KIT-15J32-1 is equipped with an advanced monitoring system that constantly checks charging parameters and equipment status. If abnormalities are detected, the system automatically responds, providing protection against overvoltage, overheating or other potential electrical hazards
  • As a reputable manufacturer, SolarEdge applies the highest safety standards to its products. The electric vehicle charging kit complies with current electrical safety standards, which confirms not only its effectiveness, but also the safety of its use.
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