SolarEdge IAC-RBAT-5KMTOP-01

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SolarEdge IAC-RBAT-5KMTOP-01 is a high-quality cover designed for 5 kW batteries from SolarEdge. It offers not only an aesthetically pleasing finish, but also functional features that support optimal battery performance. 

Easy installation and removal

  • The cover is designed for ease of assembly and disassembly, making it easy for both installation and eventual service work


  • The cover is designed to effectively protect the faucet from weather conditions such as rain, snow and UV radiation. High-resistance materials guarantee the battery's durability and efficiency even in harsh weather conditions 
  • The design of the cover includes safeguards against potential vandalism. Durable materials and solid workmanship make the cover resistant to mechanical damage, increasing the overall safety of the battery installation
  • The SolarEdge IAC-RBAT-5KMTOP-01 cover is designed for safe installation, ensuring stability and durability during operation. Robust fasteners and the use of corrosion-resistant materials ensure that the cover is securely fastened
  • Weight