SolarEdge IAC-RBAT-5KCINV-02


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The SolarEdge IAC-RBAT-5KCINV-02 cable is specially designed to provide effective connectivity and power between the battery and the SolarEdge 5 kW inverter.

  • Optimized operation 
  • The cable is optimized for efficient power transmission between the battery and the inverter. Its special design minimizes energy losses, resulting in optimal performance of the entire system
  • The cable is designed for simplicity of installation, allowing quick and trouble-free connection between the battery and the inverter. Its ergonomic design makes the cable easy to manipulate during installation


  • The cable is resistant to weather conditions such as rain, humidity and UV radiation. This resistance makes the cable maintain its properties in a variety of weather conditions, which increases not only its durability, but also the safety of its use
  • Equipped with surge protection, which effectively protects against possible power surges. This is an important element of electrical safety that minimizes the risk of equipment damage and surge hazards