Menlo Electric is the official distributor of Jinko Solar, JA Solar, Risen and Seraphim modules.

We have developed long-term relationships with global leaders in the field of photovoltaics to give you access to certified equipment of the highest quality in the PV market.


  • Risen

    Risen Energy is a Tier 1 regularly ranked photovoltaic module manufacturer and a provider of comprehensive business solutions for residential, commercial and utility power generation. Founded in 1986 and listed on the stock exchange since 2010, the company contributes to the profits of its customers worldwide.

    Technical and commercial innovation combined with outstanding quality and comprehensive technical support are the hallmarks of all of Risen Energy's photovoltaic business solutions, which are also among the most well-known and cost-effective in the industry.

    Risen modules have passed TüV, CE, GS, ROHS, REACH, PAHS tests and received other international awards. Risen is one of the oldest and largest photovoltaic module manufacturers, distinguished by its production volume, financial stability and bank confidence.

  • Jinko Solar

    Jinko Solar is one of the largest producers of solar modules in the world and one of the leaders of Bloomberg's Tier 1 list. The manufacturer has already delivered over 100 GW of modules to over 160 countries. Jinko has 9 factories, where it is constantly working on new solutions that will ensure maximum module efficiency.

    Jinko Solar offers its solutions and services to a diverse international customer base from the utilities, commercial and residential sectors. Jinko Solar has built a vertically integrated PV product value chain, with integrated annual capacity of 31 GW for mono wafers, 19 GW for solar cells and 36 GW for solar modules, as of September 30, 2021.

  • JA Solar

    JA Solar is a global leader in the manufacture of high quality photovoltaic modules. Since 2010, JA Solar has been the world's leading cell manufacturer with an established position as a Tier 1 module supplier.

    JA Solar has 12 manufacturing bases worldwide and the company's reach extends to 135 countries. With continuous technological innovation, stable financial advantages and a well-developed global sales and service network, JA Solar enjoys customer recognition and has been listed in the Fortune China 500 and Global New Energy 500 for many years.

  • Seraphim

    Seraphim is one of the largest solar module manufacturers in the world, with components supplied to more than 40 countries around the globe by the end of 2020. The brand was launched in 2011 and its leading message from the very beginning was development, learning and a new quality for a better world in the future.

    Continuous work on the performance of its components and technological upgrades have made Seraphim quickly become a leader in the PV industry in terms of production capacity and the number of innovative projects.

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