Recently known on the Polish market, the manufacturer FoxESS quickly became famous for the good quality of its products and an innovative approach to product service. The appreciated quality and reliability of the devices, their failure-free and unrivaled availability, as well as openness to the installer and the user make the market participants quickly noticed the FoxESS brand, which is gaining new followers every day and recording new popularity records.

Under the FOX TEAM brand, the brand will gather the best photovoltaic installers who choose the quality and reliability of FoxESS inverters and installations.

By joining the elite group of experts, installers gain membership in the first prestigious group of professionals in Poland, who will receive additional benefits of properly executed installations. This is the first such initiative in Poland in the industry.

For installers who join the FOX TEAM program and regularly add photos of installations with FoxESS inverters that have been properly launched and approved by the technical department, unique, branded and practical rewards and awards in the form of advancement levels from Bronze to Platinum, which are associated with further benefits, await .

Joining the program is done by downloading the FOX TEAM mobile application on the phone from

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